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Most modern sporting stadia host 20-25 fixtures during the course of an annual season. The ever-present risk of adverse weather, and the expense of safely covering and un-covering the event and crowd, has to date prevented any serious thought of using them as venues for large scale concerts or alternative premier events throughout the calendar year.

Stadia naming rights, events ticketing, hospitality, merchandising, food and beverage income potential are thus hugely limited – the owners’ most expensive and tangible asset is making little or no return in real terms, and millions of potential customers in regional areas are denied the opportunity to see major acts and artists in their own locality.

Until now.


With the concept of a retractable roof in mind, sports entrepreneur Mike Horton, former owner and CEO of Derby County FC, Chairman of Derbyshire CCC and owner of the Derby Storm Basketball franchise and Arena, initiated a study into the feasibility of designing and manufacturing a ground-breaking, fully retractable roof system – capable of being retro-fitted to existing sporting stadia – which can transform open air stadiums into large scale, weather proof, indoor arenas. Within just a few short months the concept had been design proven – a revolutionary carbon fibre structure housing a retractable membrane. The Stadiavision Group of Companies were formed, consisting of the holding company for the Intellectual Property Rights, a sales and commercial company, a design company, and a manufacturing company.


Mike Horton has utilised all of his engineering background, and experience within sporting ventures in the UK and around the world, to lead the development. He has proudly pulled together his team, who have been making the dream a reality over the last few months. Graham Mulholland, a renowned expert in the field of carbon-fibre manufacturing has been tasked with utilising his vast experience in the overall design of unique structures, and speciality projects such as Formula 1 racing. He has been instrumental in setting up test and trial manufacturing facilities in Derby. With responsibility for operational management, and the implementation of commercial strategy, John Smedley, has been drafted in. Formerly Chief Executive of Derbyshire County Cricket Club, and responsible for the County Ground developments including the Nuffield Health Club and neighbouring hotel, the indoor school and floodlights, John has more recently been a Director of two engineering consultancies with international coverage. Stephen Withey, Head of Finance completes the initial team – with 25 years experience of working in the construction and manufacturing industries, Stephen brings to the Group the structural and financial acumen required for such a major project.


In a world first to apply innovative composites to a construction assembly of this scale, the main structure of the roof arches are made from carbon fibre bonded into tubes during manufacturing, using high performance resin. Each tube will be connected in a controlled environment using incredibly high performance adhesives often found in critical aerospace and motorsport structures, to achieve each complex joint, then assembled into 9 arches – each arch some 120 tonnes lighter than a comparable steel structure. Our unique computer controlled, retractable high performance membrane and mechanism is then attached to the assembly, and the stadium is complete.

Computer simulation and practical testing, alongside structural and planning studies will give the best possible performance. State of the art materials and processes throughout the supply chain will ensure safety in the entire structure and each individual component.

World-renowned structural engineering professionals, WSP , are providing the cutting edge design calculations and modelling for the roof structure.


Not all football stadia boast modern hospitality and concourse facilities, so the profitability of all arenas is critically linked to returns on event income for food and beverages.

Utilising our experts, and Stadiavision’s recent experience in the USA, we can provide a full menu of options and recommendations to ensure that these opportunities are not wasted. Ranging from merchandising and food outlets, wi-fi and cashless stadia, digital monetisation and events programming, our commercial partners can ensure that an enhanced arena maximises its return on investment, and provides a customer service that is facility appropriate.


Prospective customers have been identified, whilst an additional events business plan is also being prepared, showing the substantial revenues that can be generated in addition to normal football activity. An average sized modern stadium can add around more than 650,000 visitors every year to an enhanced facility, generating significant additional revenue streams. This increased revenue will also have the advantage of substantially uplifting the stadium asset value in addition creating new opportunities for enhanced commercial partnership


Plans are in place to replicate this business strategy across the globe, including Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, China and the USA where a Stadiavision office is already proposed.

Intriguingly, Real Madrid and Barcelona have both recently announced that they are preparing to construct stadia with an integrated retractable roof – the clients of Stadiavision will justifiably be able to compete, perhaps off the field initially, with these giants of international football. The sky is quite literally no longer the limit!